Hello, is anybody out there?

Tsk, that blogging, eh? Obviously got too much time on my hands, nothing better to do, like the sound of my own voice too much (sight of my own words more like), so let’s get this show on the road …


3 thoughts on “Hello, is anybody out there?

  1. Strangely enough about to launch my own blog, possibly for the same reasons. Is it great minds think alike or fools of a feather stick together. I’m writing the software to drive it myself and not use a service or package, but then again it is my trade. Unsure whether or not to have comments as it may be just as easy to follow threads of conversation on Facebook, G+ or Linked-in. Anyhow I’ll be up and running this week, maybe even by tomorrow night. Good luck with this one!

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  2. A bit of all sorts Ian, so looking at personal and technical related topics. The tricky thing is driving folks to a blog and then having them subscribe as readers. I am seriously considering having no comments as I said earlier, and looking to engage via social media. Got the look and feel sorted today, but still a couple of things to sort out.


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